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Treating Gum Disease the Easier Way in Burlington CT and Beyond!

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Why Treating Gum Disease is Critical

Laser treatment can help treat your gum disease in Burlington CT, Plainville CT, Bristol CT, Southington CT and surrounding areas. Gum disease is serious and it must be treated. Historically the treatment was painful and required a great deal of recovery time. Robert Treado DMD provides periodontal treatment options to battle gum disease using state of the art laser periodontal therapy. Laser therapy has so many advantages!

Gum disease can be very serious and can result in toot loss, infections and long-term issues if you do not start treatment right away. The right dentist will be able to provide you with the treatment that you need and help restore your gums to good health. Taking the steps that you need to will get you on the road to recovery and can help to prevent future loss. Robert Treado DMD has the laser treatment process that can improve your condition quickly.

“It is noble to care for one person completely than to labor diligently for the masses.”

-Dag Hammersjold


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How Laser Therapy Works

Traditionally treating gum disease involved cutting away at infected tissue, which resulted in tissue loss a great deal of swelling and discomfort.  Laser therapy uses a state of the art laser with a highly trained dental professional at the helm to manage gum disease without:


  • Loss of tissue

  • Painful swollen gums

  • Less bleeding from your gums


This technology makes getting your gums in great shape and disease free so much more comfortable and easy. Dr. Treado can help you solve your periodontal problems without having the awful side effects that are associated with traditional treatments.

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